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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  November 16, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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good afternoon. vacaville police are investigating an overnight shooting that left two people dead and one injured and was followed by a bizarre violent outburst by the suspected gunman at police headquarters. the triple shooting took place in the 500 block of williams street blocks away from the police department. jade hernandez can give us more details now about the gunman. good afternoon, jade. >> reporter: good afternoon. about 40 minutes ago, the vacaville police department gave their last update of the day on this investigation. the two men shot to death were only identified by their ages, 20 and 21 years old. they were identified as friends. as far as the suspected shooter, he was an 18-year-old. >> i think this is one of the most violent events that we've had in vacaville in a number of years. >> reporter: before 2:00 this
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morning, dispatch sent officers out to an apartment on the call of shots fired. >> we had a report of a male shortly before that, walking into our police department, holding a gun. >> reporter: police say he swung the gun around like a bat and swung at the windows. officers tased him outside. >> they explained to me what happened. i slept through that completely. like i didn't know anything was going on. so it was just relay big surprise. it was right next door. it's surprising that we didn't wake up due to this. >> reporter: vacaville police closed their lobby so they could pick up the pieces. meanwhile family and friends of the victims gathered at the department. >> really sad. >> why would anyone want to hurt him? >> why does anyone want to hurt anybody? that's my -- that's my answer to that, you know. today's society is not like it
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used to be. okay? when i grew up, we fought with our hands. today they fight with guns. >> reporter: vacaville police just released the suspected shooter's flame. his 18 years old, richard ruben kalkins. detectives believe he may have lived at this at this apartment. we're live in front of vacaville police headquarters, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, jade. oakland police are looking into weather three people arrested after a high-speed police chase are also connected to several armed robberies. the suspect crashed after a round-trip chase across the bay bridge that reached speeds of 100 miles an hour. two men and one woman took off on foot. but officers did catch and arrest all three. officers believe the car was stolen and the suspects could be linked to several street robberies and one home invasion robbery on monday night. the second day of the
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richmond gang rape case's preliminary hear something underway. once again, testimony is emotional and security is tight. kraig debro joins us more from martinez. good afternoon, kraig. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. you will see how tight that security is in just a few seconds. the second day of this preliminary hearing on a case that's sickened anybody that heard about it. a 16-year-old girl is gang high pressure raped after a high school dance and now a judge will decide if there's enough evidence for a trial. today, and officer testified for the prosecution, the defendants' side tried to get him to admit that his handling of the evidence compromised the case. >> it's not okay. hopefully, these interest lessons that will be learned from the younger students to see that this kind of behavior
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really has consequences. >> reporter: he was the first richmond officer on the scene after admitting under questioning that handling and collecting evidence is important, the attorney then tried to make a case that his handling of the victim's walkie- talkie and i.d. badge, the only evidence he handled, was inconsistent with protocol. seven men, a teenager, are charged with beating, raping and robbing a 16-year-old female student. the victim says they acted in concert and has added special charges that could bring a life in prison charge. many people are outraged that several people watched the two- hour ordeal without calling police. >> i'm anticipating 20 witnesses and i am assuming it will take two to three weeks. >> reporter: yesterday, officer todd kaiser was the -- ted. he was the first to arrive on
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the scene. he testified that he thought the victim was dead. he only found out he wasn't when he shook her. a second officer testified that the man there said, just kill me. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, kraig. the trial of the two men charged with killing chauncey bailey is underway more than three years after bailey's week. yusef bey iv and antwan mackey is accused of killing bailey and two other men in 2007. the judge is considering several motions in the case. jury selection is not expected until january. a san jose school principal is under fire today for preventing an ambulance from driving on to the school's track to treat an injured football player. 1-year-old key anna know -- 14-
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year-old kianno suffered a concussion and when the ambulance arrived, the principal told the paramedics they could not drive the vehicle on the field. emergency vehicles had to transport the gurney 75 yards down field. this morning he talked about had his injury. >> my neck and my head -- i have sharp pain all across my neck and i just have a headache that's been going on for three weeks. >> a school board spokesperson says he's appalled at the principal's decision, saying the ban was never to apply to emergency vehicles. the student amar'e wants the -- mother wants the school to apologize and reprimand the principal. regents are meeting today to discuss tuition hikes. mark yudof has proposened an 8 -- proposed an 8% increase next
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fall. nasa on top of the 32% increase that took place earlier this year. his proposal also includes raising the retirement age from 6 to to 65 for future employees -- 6 to to 65 for future employ ayes -- employees. s. any student regardless of their immigration status who attends a california hool for at least three years can qualify for in-state tuition rates. in-state tuition saves students about $23,000 a year. instate csu students save about $11,000 a year. another british royal wed something in the work and there's something special about the engagement ring. >> i was seat belted in and i was just hanging over the side. a close call this moving
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when a truck crashed. meteorologist steve paulson says enjoy the summer like temperatures when you can because big-time changes are coming. >> reporter: crab fishermen are hauling away their traps to be set. we'll tell you when that first catch is to be expected -- coming up.
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pleasant hill police are investigating an accident that's unusual for ar urban area. a big look dairying -- carrying hay lost its load. bales of hay landed on parked cars. the driver had just come off the highway and lost the load on the exit ramp curve. it just started to tip. it just started to tip over. >> the woman eating her lunch complained of back pain and was taken to a nearby hospital. police have not issued a citation. they are trying to determine the exact cause of the accident. a hearing was held yesterday to review a safety plan to review future underground explosions. officials are considering replacing all of the older
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model transformers, the replacement of aging circuits in many neighborhoods and fitting of 125 manhole covers with swivel lock caps to keep them from blowing in the air. wife's learned a vintage car is to blame for a care -- is to blame for a warehouse fire. the fire began in a 1959 lincoln continental that young converted to run on batteries and a biodiesel-powered generator. fire crews were able to salvage about 70% of the warehouse's content including other cars and music equipment owned by young. the much-anticipated commercial crab fishing season is officially underway. as ktvu's tara moriarty reports, many crabbers leaving port this morning are hopeful for a very strong season.
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>> reporter: at:00 this morning, pier 45 was -- at 4:00 this morning, pier 45 was bustling. we already set one set of gear, 400 pots and then we'll do 400 more. been up for -- i don't know, 24 hours now. probably be up another 20 hours. >> reporter: crab fishermen are setting hundreds of trap to kick off the season. >> the boats went out this morning to drop -- to drop the pots. >> reporter: max is hopeful for this season. >> i think it will be a lot better than last year. the crabs were almost to the point where they were illegal. they couldn't bring them in. >> reporter: the season started one day late because the department of fish and game wanted to te and weigh the crab from bodega bay to half moon bay. they wanted to make sure the crustations had enough meat on
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them. and now that the green light is on, he's itching to haul his catch. >> ready to make money and have some fun. >> reporter: industry insiders say this year's crab could be set at did $1.75. crab fishermen tell us that that first the first boat should being back around 4:00 this afternoon. back to you. charles rangel has no comment following a guilty verdict for ethics violations delivered today. one south bay congresswoman was present. the committee must now decide on punishment. rangel walked out of the house trial yesterday saying he didn't have time to hire a
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legal team. former president bush is marking a milestone today. >> okay. everybody ready? time to shovel dirt! >> the former president and his wife laura hosted and official ground-breaking ceremony at the future site of the george w. bush presidential center located at the southern methodist in dallas, several members of the bush administration were there, including former vice president dick cheney and former secretary of state, condoleezza rice. san francisco animal control is asking the public for any information on the killing of a swan. the swan that was killed was named monday. this is video of the swans taken last year. now there's only one swan left. volunteer caretakers found the swan's body on saturday morning. her neck had been broken. there were several empty beer bottles nearby. a concord family has a lot of questions for police after
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an officer shot and wounded their family pet. it happened last site on esperanza drive while police were searching the neighborhood for a car thief. police say they found the stolen car and aban dodd the street after a chase. they began searching backyards for the suspect. police say a homeowner's 2-year- old pit bull charged the after and the police dog. >> unfortunately, the dog was a threat and our attempts to fail to control the dog resulted in us shooting the dog. >> they follow my dog. they chase each other. that's it. >> the dog's owner said his dog suffered a shoulder injury. and he would like to talk more to the police about this. let's is check in with steve paulson, our meteorologist.
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>> is it still nice out there? >> very nice. it's still a beautiful day. a little breeze but it's not out of the north northeast for most. it's more of a westerly or a southerly breeze and still kind of windy in the hills. it's dying down. fog will be back. low clouds and fog coming down the coast, coming up the coast, cooling pattern on wednesday and then we'll carry that into the weekend where it will turn much cooler. there will be rain. as changes are abrewing. now today still sign but the leading edge of that change just moving into the screen, especially as you head up to the pacific northwest. the first order will be the low clouds coming in. temperatures are above average. it should be in the low 60s for many. we're in the mid-70s after everything's said and done. sanfrancisco today along with many, including kentfield and santa rosa and mountain view and san rafael had record
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highs. that won't be the case today. but 60s and 70s are well above average. but the record for san francisco on this date, 83, way back in 1895 for most, though, it was 2008. 68, san francisco, san anselmo, oakland berkeley and then a billion lit warmer but not much. sanjose 73 so we're close but much cooler than yesterday. 50 in tahoe and truckee. they were down to 25. ukiah was down to 43. they are at -- still a lot of high pressure and sunny to mostly sunny right now. the leading edge of the system will dig in. the end result is going to be below normal temperatures. today we're still above with a lot of sunshine. it's nice. a little breezy. kind of windy in the hills but temperatures, 60s, 70s, upper 60s, 70s. by tomorrow we can say goodbye to any 7 os along the coast.
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then we'll carry that into inland areas. the big change will occur on friday, that will be the cold air. it will be some rain but it looks like saturday into sunday. maybe monday. cold, highs, 0s, 50s. >> any -- 40s, 50s. >> any snow? >> there will be. down to 4500 feet. but thanksgiving day, look okay. >> okay. many shoppers have recently ditched plastic shopping bags in favor of reusable ones. the shoppers are hoping to protect the environment. there's now evidence some of these ecobags may contain lead and lead and contain led and pose a health risk. testing was done. one bag from rite aid telled
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positive. buckingham palace announced that prince william and kate middleton are engaged. they met when they were students at the university of saint andrews. prince william proposed using his engagementment from his mother -- engagement ring from his mother, it's an oval shaped with sapphire diamonds. >> the two made an appearance this morning at st. james palace. the palace says the two will marry next spring or summer in london. it's expected to be the biggest royal wedding since prince charle married princes diana. apple and beatles music come together.
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taking a live look at the big board, nuts are down significantly. still concerned about the irish debt, also the lowering of the interest rate in south korea. the dow falling below 11,000 for the first time in nearly a month. the dew currently down 204. nasdaq down 50. and the s&p down 22. a new survey shows companies are starting to loosen their
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grips on the budget as workplace perks are starting to make a comeback. this year, 12% of companies surveyed say they will hand out thanksgiving goodies including turkeys and retail gift certificates. that's up slightly from the 10% last year. companies say they are also reinstating perks. perhaps the most popular perk -- bonuses. they are expected to be 5% higher than last year. it was a long and winding road, but the beatles, having -- have finally made it to the internet as a legal download. they are now included on i-ton tunes -- itunes. the company that manages the band's affairs has insisted until now that companies also
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made apple available. ron dellums will deliver his final speech as mayor on line instead of in person. dellums who has not been seen in public a lot in the last several months was scheduled to give the speech tomorrow at city hall but he says the address will be posted on the website along with a paper report, detailing his four years in office. he will be placed as mayor in january by jean kwon. police will begin the 49ers for escorting the team back and forth from the airport. critics that complain should not not have to provide free transportation to a pro football them -- to a pro
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football team that's worth millions of dollars. crab season is underway. but will it be a good one. tonight at 5:00, we'll get a sneak peek into what it's going to look like when the crab boats come in in the afternoon? you will see the first catch of the season. that story coming up on the next newscast at 5:00. thanks for watching. have a great day.
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